Classick Sleigh Ride SZN 6 - Toy Drive & Car Show

First of all, I would like to Thank Barry @Verseone of Classick for throwing yet another successful toy drive/car show. I know it is not easy putting together an event like this and can be very stressful but you and your team did great! The cars were dope, the vibe was chill and most importantly, hundreds of toys were collected for Operation Santa Claus! I know that there will definitely be a lot of happy kids this Christmas =) .  You'll always have our support. Can't wait to do it again next year! And thank you to those who helped me at the booth while I was away and everyone else who stopped by to say whats up and bought some Hasback goodies. Thank you. Thank you. Much appreciated!



Here are some photos I took from this past weekend. I didn't get to shoot much as I was occupied at the Hasback Booth most of the day as well as helping the Classick team do some Judging. I will though get photos from @Hbkmaguito who I believe did almost a full coverage of the event and I will post it here. But for now. Enjoy! 


Also please make sure to tag @hasback_official on IG when you repost!   Happy Holidays!


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